A University of doing: this is the definition of LIUC that I prefer because it expresses effectively the great emphasis on the composition of our faculty, as well as in setting of our courses, the alternation between undertaking theoretical and empirical experimentation. We are in fact at the top of the classifications in percentage terms for both the number of students undertaking internships in the workplace during the academic pathway for those who internationalise their curriculum. We are proud, because we believe it is very important to accustom young adults, who represent the promise of future leaders of our country, to deal with other realities in the world. In fact, the changing horizons, changing relationships, changing cultures that we must confront.
We can measure the results of our activities, always, through two wholly objective parameters: the short waiting time for LIUC graduates to find stable employment on the one hand, and the increase in the number of enrolments onto courses on the other.
Moreover, our study pathways always accompany, with the rigor of a solid preparation, the values
that can never be lacking in any environment of social dynamics and individual life. The values of honesty, respect, seriousness, and solidarity.
And again, every day in the classrooms of LIUC working to instill in the students, first of all the passion for what they do: the young, with regard to this matter, can sometimes be taken as not to be regarded as precious seeds that do not know how to recognise, as their talent, because I they not feel, instinctively, as something already developed in themselves.
It is a constant and deep commitment, ours, that also the classification of the Italian university system recognises and evaluates reserving our places as among the best in the country for quick access of our graduates into the job market.
After all, we are born with the objective of preparing young people to continue to support the development of that immense entrepreneurial heritage that characterises our territory. Today, still involved in a difficult and cruel crisis that has severely tested the business network, we must stress this mission and alongside the training we focus even more on research that can offer support and development.
It is in fact through research that LIUC, among other things, place itself at the service of the start-upper and supports SMEs in the adoption of new technologies.
And our future? It will be made by new and important opportunities that involve us all. A future that we will have to see all the protagonists. Our mission is to build the knowledge of those who are to become the backbone of “our” country.
LIUC has, up to now, been able to establish itself as an authoritative and valuable object, above all for the territory: for its entrepreneurial fabric, for its public institutions, and for the togetherness of all its professionals.
A University to service the higher education of young people with their feet firmly on the ground. Thirsty for knowledge, but always with a view for the real opportunities offered by the labour market.


Michele Graglia

Annual graduation ceremony

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