To pursue the mission of “University of companies for companies” is fascinating.
To give substance to the “ideology of development, entrepreneurship and responsibility” is challenging.
To learn from history and keep an eye on the future is far from easy.

LIUC is an “entrepreneurial” university, guided by a strong vision, by an energising dream. To have been made up of an association of entrepreneurs and to maintain close ties with them conveys a positive image, one that differs from competing institutions and that is inherently challenging.
It is an “entrepreneurial” university that provides a high quality educational offer, attentive to the evolution of student expectations and emerging skills requirements of the labour market. Questions not only of teaching and educational courses, but also of international experience, internships and apprenticeships, and of services and extracurricular activities.
It is a “business” university that cultivates its own model of development and dissemination of knowledge, with a balance between scientific and applied research. It is a workshop of ideas and knowledge that develop in the different research centres, staying close to the companies and to the territory.
It is an “entrepreneurial” university that values
the contributions of its many stakeholders: teachers, management staff, students, graduates, proprietors, companies, banks, institutions, professional associations, local communities, international partners … It is a game of contribution and rewards with a sum greater than zero, a wealth of links with the real economy that are now part of the DNA of LIUC.
The essence of the university model that characterises the LIUC is contained within a few lines: place of ideas and facts, of individual and social responsibility growth, attention to the past and openness to the future. A place, one might say a home, where one lives with the passion and enthusiasm of students, and where graduates happily return.
Carlo Cattaneo warned: “With a closed circle of ideas, there also exists a closed circle of wealth.” For twenty-five years LIUC has worked hard to keep open the circuit and to feed the working mechanisms. As reflected in the teaching and research activities undertaken by the teachers. The documented commitment and the growth of thousands of graduates in various professional contexts, around Italy and the world. Indicators that, together with others, give rise to thoughts of LIUC as a successful start-up. It could well be, but this look may only be addressed to the horizon, the young and their future.
In the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry in The Little Prince, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children.”

Welcome to the home of LIUC!


Federico Visconti

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