Recent News on the subject of company trademarks

Thursday, 27 October, 2016, 14:00


This meeting is the first of a series of initiatives organised by the School of Law to deepen the study of the principal themes of intellectual and industrial property, coherent and with particular attention given to the subject in the course of programmes offered to students within the School.


The day starts with the objective of analysing the changes to the European system of trademarks introduced with the new Directive 2015/2436/ EU, which repealed Directive 2008/95/EC on the alignment of member States legislation on trade marks and by Regulation (EU) n. 2015/2424, which amended Regulation (EC) n. 207/2009 on the Community trade mark.


After, there will be a general talk and introduction by prof. Silvia Giudici who, in the course of which, will analyse specific and highly relevant themes in judicial practice, in part touching on European reform.


The talk of prof. Fiorenzo Festi, taking his cue from the recent Supreme Court decision gave in the case of Fiorucci, will have as its subject the relationship between trademark rights and the name of a person, while the talk of Avv. Francesca La Rocca will illustrate the issues more relevant, from a systematic and practical point of view, in terms of the form of trademarks.

The event is promoted by the School of Law, LIUC – Università Cattaneo.

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