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The task facing the next generation of lawyers, has changed profoundly. For this reason, the School of Law has chosen to offer a programme of studies significantly different from those generally offered elsewhere. Without losing the rigor devoted to learning the foundations of law, without which no lawyer can operate, either in Italy or elsewhere, we wanted to combine equally rigorous learning of economic fundamentals that are needed to provide assistance to citizens and companies.

The School offers three “pathways”. The first, “Legal Professions“, designed for students who will operate mainly in the domestic market; the second, “Global lawyer”, with many courses taught in English, is for students prepared to meet the challenges of the global world; Finally, a third, with a double title “Magistrale degree in Law and Business Economics”, for students who desire to complete their economic preparation and have another title also enabling them to enter economic professions.
All the “pathways” offer modern methods of learning and training focused on instruments and new institutions that enable students to begin to learn about the Italian legal system and discipline and that promise them professional opportunities of particular interest. It is the case of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), solution tools of alternative dispute over state courts, whose “staff” require specific training, not only of a legal nature, but also in the area of intellectual property protection and industrial where businesses are increasingly looking for employees.

In any case, all students will have the opportunity during the course of study to meet with their foreign colleagues, thanks to increased exchanges with foreign universities, located around the world. In addition, there is the Summer/Winter Schools with well-proven projects at renowned University centres in China, Argentina and USA (Arizona). The English language courses offered by the School of Law allow students to acquire certification in Legal English that is internationally recognized.

Over recent years of the “Magistrale” degree course offered by the School has grown integrally with the world of work and professions and culminates in a final year in which all students will have already started the training that will enable them to sit the examination to be a Lawyer, or “concorso” to be a notary, or a magistrate, and that will enable them to enter the professional world of business, or the public and international organisations.

At the end of the pathway, students are able to face and solve with competence not only the typical legal problems of the legal profession, but also those generated by economic and market development. The constant comparison, during the years of study, with the international dimension and the world of work (through internships at professional studios, companies or government) allows them easy and quick entry into a profession.


School Director: Prof. Alberto Malatesta

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