The five-year “Magistrale” degree in Law has a common initial three years for all students that provides the basic tools necessary for a legal operator in order to be able to understand the functioning of the economy and of modern society.
The final two-years offer the student three possible pathways: Legal Professions, Global Lawyer, and Double Degree.
Students who opt for the more traditional pathway, entitled “Legal Professionals” will have, upon completion, skills that allow them access to the world of legal professionals (lawyer, magistrate, notary) or access to one of the many work contexts in which there is a need for a legal competency.
Students, instead, who choose the “Global Lawyer” pathway will acquire the skills, necessary to assist businesses in a global context, in the field of European and international legislation relating to company law, contracts, intellectual property, civil and criminal rights and, not least, financial law.


Professional profiles:
Over the past few years, the Law School at LIUC has been at the top of the national charts for Placement: within a few months of graduating all our students are integrated into the labour market, a much higher result than the national average. This is made possible by the combination of two winning elements: the excellent work of the Careers Service at LIUC and the fact that law graduates in our University, after completing their studies, have an economic and linguistic preparation that makes them particularly suitable to work within companies, positions within professional studios that work in the areas of economics and business law. The pathway of study also provides the educational basis for access to specialised schools for legal professions (notaries, advocacy, judiciary).

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1 – Legal professions

Allows the student to gain the knowledge necessary in order to enter the traditional legal professions (lawyer, notary, judge), as well as positions serving businesses and other social organisations. To achieve this, the preparation is combined with a pathway of education specifically directed at learning the skills needed for legal professions. Several courses are developed through theoretical and practical case studies that are addressed under the guidance of teachers with great experience, also vocational. All students are offered the possibility of an internship within a company, a professional studio, a court or another context specifically aimed at integrating theoretical training with that of practical. In accordance with current regulations the period of practice to be able to sit the exam to be a lawyer, or “concorso” to be a notary could fit within the fifth year of studies. The curriculum also provides for initial exam preparation to be a lawyer, notary, or magistrate according to the preference of the student.

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2 – Global Lawyer

Aimed at students interested in developing a European and international dimension of legal studies, and who aspire to be cross-border lawyers, especially in large law studios with a multi-national dimension, legal professionals within multi-national companies or international organisations, non-governmental deputies within international co-operation, or even key figures within institutions or agencies of the European Union.

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3 – Dual Degree

A special double degree pathway, characterised by inter-disciplinary integration between economic and legal studies that enables students to achieve, in just six academic years, the double title of “Magistrale” degree in Law and Business Economics. With this pathway, both selective and innovative, the students can receive some basic studies in Economics during five year degree ”Magistrale” degree in Law. Upon completion of the ”Magistrale” degree in Law, students will be ready to face the legal professions and, at the same time, will be able to enroll directly onto the second and final year of the “Master in Business Economics and Management” at the University. thus, with a considerable saving of time they will, therefore, have obtained a second degree.

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