Your tomorrow is being built today.

If, in your future, there is the desire to be involved in business processes, organisational consulting, management of complex systems, technological systems, new product development and industrial innovation, the School of Industrial Engineering at LIUC is the place for you.
By attending our degree course of Engineering Management, where students “learn practically”, you will receive a solid preparation, concrete and already oriented towards the world of business.
The school forms engineers with the ability to “know how” thanks to the numerous experiential activities that allow students to acquire theoretical knowledge and understand its application to company contexts. In fact, in addition to traditional basic subjects (such as analysis, physics, computer science), technological components, business economics and management are becoming already, from the first year, particularly significant.

Who is a LIUC management engineer?

The engineer’s role is to analyse problems, design possible solutions, follow the implementation of the chosen solution and, finally, verify their efficacy and manage the functioning.
It is in these five stages – analysis, design, implementation, validation and management – that the engineer is able to express their skills, applying the “engineering method” in the economic, social and business context in which they operate.
The modern view of organizations places emphasis on transformation processes of goods and supply of services. In this context, the courses organised by the School have the aim of forming Management Engineers who are able to apply the engineering approach o complex processes and in highly heterogeneous contexts.
Today, in companies, the role of graduates in Engineering Management is increasingly important, and is also shown by their rapid time into employment (an average of less than 2 months, at LIUC, from the date of their graduation).
For this reason, the objective at LIUC is not only to ensure a quick and reliable work position, but forming “persons” who are able to contribute to the development of the organisations in which they operate and are able to assume, over time, leadership roles and positions of responsibility.
The structure of the learning offer, which is articulated in the courses of the Bachelor and Master degrees in Management Engineering, has 4 distinctive elements that make the LIUC Management Engineer a very attractive potential employee for companies:

  • direct confrontation with the world of work and company reality;
  • attention to innovation management issues, above all technology;
  • the opportunity to enrich the educational pathway with international experience;
  • full attention to the progression of studies, combining education with mentoring and experiential learning.

Direct testimony that distinguishes them in the world of work, from the first interview at a company.Esami di Stato

Internationalisation, networking and experiential learning (distinctive peculiarities)

The School provides an opportunity for growth and meetings with students from all over the world.
Restricted classes, experiential workshops, and projects organised for a thematic area now favour right interpersonal relationships with teachers and students, also those of other nationalities.
In the pathway of study, considerable attention is given to experiential teaching.
Through guided visits of principal national companies, testimonials by distinguished experts and managers in the sectors, and interactive educational workshops, students consolidate the theoretical knowledge and learn “practically” the engineer’s role of Management Engineering.
In February, there is also a “Business Week” where students, in small groups, have the opportunity to spend a day at the most important companies in Italy, to confront a privileged testimonials, attend conferences and seminars on subjects of management.

Director of School: Prof. Raffaella Manzini

The school teachers

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