The Management Engineering – Bachelor degree is aimed at students who desire to know how to analyse and solve problems related to the management of company processes, with reference to production contexts, industrial and of the territory. Particular attention is given to the use of ICT technology (Information & Communication Technology).
The degree aims to form professionals persons with the ability to work in the management of processes and company projects.
The programme of study ensures not only an adequate command of general scientific methods and contents, but also concrete professional skills related to the management of companies and industrial activity. In addition to the traditional disciplines of mathematics and basic science, it is becoming particularly relevant the technological components, business economics and management.

To allow students a deepening in areas where they find most interesting, two pathways are proposed.

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1 – Industrial
2 – Business Services

1 – Industrial Pathway

This pathway includes a technological component related to the most diffuse transformation processes in manufacturing industry, with the possibility to expand on some key sectors of the economy such as mechanical and automation.
In addition, it will deepen the knowledge of industrial technologies and business models related to the implementation of production systems. And it will dedicate also space to a topical theme, namely the sustainable energy and economic environment combined with competitiveness.
According to the innovative approach of LIUC, always facing the business world, the lessons will alternate with numerical exercises, case studies, group work, internships and placements in companies, guided visits and testimonials of managers and entrepreneurs.

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2 – Business Services Pathway

This pathway is dedicated to students learning of models and tools that allow a management engineer to operate effectively in the service industry companies in order to address the digital transformation of manufacturing companies, consistent with the principles of Industry 4.0.
The theme of “service” is therefore to be understood in a broad sense, as an intangible component of any modern business, that students face in terms of design up to the measurement of service performance.
Given the close link with evolving issues and strongly based on the use of digital technologies, the theoretical aspects are presented as of the discussion of contemporary cases, while more than half of the teaching takes place in the laboratory where students, organised in teams:

– Perform physical prototypes of IoT systems (“Internet of Things”) for the control of business processes;
– Employ the main modules of SAP software for process management
– Develop, with appropriate software tools, models of analysis of large amounts of data (“Big Data”)

The study programme is based on three years for a total of 180 credits.

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Career opportunities for both routes
This pathway aims to form professionals who are able to work with competence in the analysis and management of business processes. The articulation of the curriculum ensures not only an adequate command of general scientific methods and contents, but also concrete professional skills related to the management of a company and industrial activity.
In addition to the traditional basic science disciplines, therefore, it is particularly important: technological components, business economics and management in the first year.

Graduates in Engineering Management will have a multi-disciplinary preparation that will allow them, among other things, to:

  • manage a production department, an industrial plant or a service;
  • assess the technical and economic feasibility of projects;
  • organise procurement and programme production;
  • assume responsibility for security and quality in a company;
  • manage logistics and distribution of finished products.

Therefore, the main employment opportunities for graduates will be manufacturing enterprises in all industrial sectors, where they will operate not only in production and logistics, but will also assist in decision-making directions. In addition, they will be able to find employment in other important areas such as services companies and consulting firms.
Within a few years, LIUC graduates hold the following roles in the company:

  • Manager for the technical-commercial department
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Marketing
  • Manager for production and logistics
  • Quality Manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Manager of information systems
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