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Knowledge, Skills, Impact
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Vision & Mission

Knowledge, Skills, Impact


LIUC is a university committed to developing and disseminating knowledge and skills that are useful to companies and institutions, linked to the territory, aimed at the country, and projected into the world.

Starting from its young history, it intends to represent an ‘agora’ in which it works to build a university project.

  • Focuses on research and teaching, the development of knowledge and learning processes, and a commitment to the third mission;
  • Is innervated by the socio-economic changes that surround it;
  • Nurtures a system of constructive relations with stakeholders, open to listening to requests and valuing the contributions coming from the ecosystem.

Rooted in the entrepreneurial values of its founders, our vision aims to prioritise qualitative growth over dimensional development: promoting research, offering a high-value product system, developing an educational model centred on experientiality, and pursuing internationalisation along multiple dimensions.


LIUC’s mission can be identified in the following objectives:

1) Promoting rigorous and impactful research. The University carries out practical and rigorous studies with the awareness that research is the primary tool to address the challenges of people,enterprises and institutions. In the interest of all stakeholders, it is conceived as a source of nourishment, through frontier content, for teaching and third mission activities. Its quality must be high to support both the reputational growth of the University at national and international levels and the attraction, development and retention of the human capital represented by the faculty.

2) Putting the student at the centre through a personalised and innovative learning experience. LIUC works to prepare students to become critical thinkers and responsible leaders in the professional positions they will occupy. To this end, a modern teaching model is promoted, based on active, individual and group learning, multidisciplinary and inclusive. The direct relationship with teachers, the tutorship model, and the commitment to developing soft skills nurture a high degree of personalisation of learning and growth throughout the entire course of study. Lastly, the course contents, supported by research activities, are constantly updated to meet the dynamics of society and the labour market.

3) Opening up to the world. LIUC intends to assume its role in the internationalisation dynamics that will increasingly characterise the education sector. Being international means offering opportunities for educational and experiential growth to its students (in the form of degree courses, double degrees, exchanges, apprenticeships) but also aiming at an all-round internationalisation model, to which research projects, the recruitment of lecturers, the attraction of students from abroad and partnerships with other universities converge.

4) Systematically involving and relating to a plurality of stakeholders. By interacting with companies and Policy Makers through human capital training activities, the co-designing of applied research, dissemination/dissemination initiatives, and the transfer of knowledge and technical-managerial skills, the University works to respond to stakeholders’ requests, to enhance their contribution and to support the balanced growth of the local and global ecosystem.

5) Being sustainable. LIUC, as a company, promotes sustainability in its constituent dimensions. In fact, as a place of knowledge construction, it acts like training individuals who are bearers of sustainability principles and provides companies with cutting-edge technical-managerial solutions.

Last but not least, to make a significant contribution to sustainable and balanced development, LIUC is actively engaged in disseminating the values of sustainability, inclusion, the enhancement of merit, employability, the fight against inequalities, and people’s psycho-physical health.

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