Academic Research


Academic Research

In addition to being a body devoted to the dissemination of knowledge through educational activities, a university is also a centre of knowledge creation through the development of intensive research activities.

LIUC – Cattaneo University is committed to conducting useful and rigorous research, in the knowledge that research is the main tool for meeting future challenges.

The University seeks to develop research excellence in its four signature scientific areas: management science, economic sciences, industrial and information engineering and law.

LIUC Grant Office provides support to the research faculty in financing research projects. Main supporting actvities relate to:

  • Monitoring, identifying and selecting grants and fellowships
  • Submission of project proposals
  • Monitoring and management of ongoing projects
  • Coordination and communication with funding agencies

The research activities of LIUC Cattaneo University are organized into 4 fields.

Management science

  • Business administration
  • Business economics and management
  • Business organization
  • Economics of financial intermediaries

Economic sciences

  • Political economy
  • Economic policy
  • Mathematical Methods in Economics

Industrial and information engineering

  • Industrial and mechanical plant
  • Economic and management engineering
  • Metrology
  • Information processing systems


  • Private law
  • Commercial and shipping law
  • Administrative law
  • Tax law
  • International law
  • Comparative private law
  • Criminal law

On request the Research Ethics Committee expresses opinions and evaluations regarding qualitative and quantitative aspects of projects and their design, as well as how they intend to generate evidence destined for publication.

The Research Ethics Committee will also assess whether there may be any conflict of interest which could possibly vitiate the research activity.

Salvatore Sciascia

Delegate of the Rector for Research

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