Heritage HUB


Heritage HUB

The Hub is a research and service centre focused on the relationship between the Firm and its Past.

We are a multidisciplinary team working both on projects uncovering the history of the production (Business History, HIS) and revolving around the use of historical elements in the current corporate strategy (Corporate Heritage, HER).

We are a flexible team, encompassing the specific competencies every single project requires.

We are an internationally-open team: our reference is the international community of scholars and practitioners, even when considering the local-based projects.

Tall Trees have Deep Roots

The Firm is an entity enduring in the time, so its diachronic dimension is relevant both to understand the path that brought to present structures, strategies, habits and retrieve from the legacy of the Past some elements essential for the present and future development.

The history of a company is then both a valuable study object for understanding an organisation, an industry, a community, and a potential origin of competitive advantage when exploited as an element of identity and diversification from the competitors.

What we do

The Heritage Hub aim to:

  • Promote scientific studies in the fields of Business Heritage and Corporate Heritage, encouraging multidisciplinary approaches.
    Disseminate a deeper understanding of the Firm/Past relationship considering the academic community, the business world, and the communities (articles, books, conferences, seminars).
  • Contribute to learning innovation at LIUC University, offering to the Students new content, contacts with its research activity and experiences built on its relationship network, both in the academic and business world.
  • Conduct sponsored research and advisory activity on behalf of companies willing to put in value their legacy (anniversaries, corporate museums and archives, corporate books, documentaries).
  • Act as a bridge between LIUC and the local communities in projects revolving around the business heritage of the territory.
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