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Studying abroad

The International Relations Office, via bilateral agreements with other European and non-European universities, allows LIUC students who have been awarded a semester or year abroad, to obtain recognition of the examinations they have taken on their return. The office also helps with internships both within and outside Europe, which form part of your training here.

The pages from here on are designed for you as a LIUC student who would like to undertake a study or internship experience outside Italy.

For study in Europe, check out the pages on Erasmus+, for study outside Europe check out Exchange and for a unique and unrepeatable experience, check out Double degree.

If you are interested in short study experiences, the Winter or Summer Schools/Sessions and Other Activities are for you. If, on the other hand, you are interested in an internship outside Italy but wish to remain within Europe, you will find information under Erasmus+ Mobility for Internship Purposes.

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