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Double degree

Thanks to agreements with universities in Europe and elsewhere, students can spend a whole academic year studying abroad and also obtain a foreign degree in addition to the Italian one. These programmes are active for the Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management and in Management Engineering for Industrial Production.

If you would like to know which universities are partners in the Double Degree programme, click here:

Partner universities

Interested students must fill in the appropriate application form.

Eligible students must be currently enrolled at the university in the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree or in the 1st year of a Master’s degree.

Applications are invited in February and students must apply online. The selection of candidates takes place in two stages between February and October. There is a FIRST and a SECOND selection.

To find out if applications are currently open, check the ‘I prossimi bandi‘ page.

During the opening period for applications, meetings are scheduled at the International Relations Office, where you will receive all the information you may need about our various partner universities.

Language test
A good knowledge of the language used at your chosen university will be an essential prerequisite for your move there. In order for us to assess your language level and your eligibility for departure, you will have to take a language test for the language indicated for your chosen university (English or Spanish), or present one or more language certificates you already hold and which are still valid at the time of the application (when more details will be issued).

In order to obtain both degrees, you will have to pass the examinations required by the host university and, where required, you will have to write and submit a final thesis. When you return to Italy, you will be given recognition for the exams you passed abroad and you will have to discuss your thesis in order to obtain the LIUC degree.

As each foreign university has its own rules for course of study and thesis, we invite you to come to the office or attend the information sessions to get more details about your  university of choice.

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