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Counseling and Well-Being

The Counseling and Well-Being service is an innovative offering that aims to give students market-responsive skills, looking at “knowing how to be” rather than just “knowing how to do”. The objective of integrating Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch, by analogy with the teaching approach and in line with best management practice, is the hallmark of the activities of this service, which are carried out in synergy with the various organisational and teaching departments of the University.

The service is managed by Alessandra Massironi, a neuropsychologist, psychotherapist and expert in organisational administration and social health management.

The activities carried out are conducted at both organisational and training levels. Specific actions for students, potentially from the start of their university career to their entry into the labour market, aim to train them as rounded individuals and professionals in the various spheres of life.

The Counseling and Well-Being service has become a field of experience and personal and career growth, forming an integral part of the LIUC educational model.


M2 – Tower:6″ floor building
Tel. 0331 572486

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