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University Associations and Groups

The uni experience is not just about study. LIUC organises events and sporting and recreational activities to foster relationships and social life, not least through the collaboration of the many student associations in the university.

Founded in January 1992, right after the start of LIUC’s first academic year, the Association has always had the priority of raising awareness of the new University that the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese wished to set up to train a new class of managers to be employed in the production sector, in the Public Administration, in the Courts and in the liberal professions with the greatest bearing on economics (accountants, lawyers, notaries).

Another purpose of the Association is to raise funds for scholarships for students at the University. The funds are used on the basis of merit and income criteria for the disbursement of scholarships at LIUC.

The President of the Association of Friends of LIUC – AmiLIUC is the architect Fabio Bettinelli.


The purpose of the National Association of Italian Blood Volunteers (AVIS) is to promote blood donation as a universal humanitarian value and an expression of solidarity, voluntary contribution, social and civic participation and the protection of the right to good health.

An AVIS university group has been active at LIUC since 2001 and includes actual donors (students, faculty and administrators); affiliates (former donors who are still helping Avis Liuc); and guests (people who work or study at Liuc but donate in another section).

The LIUC University Section of AVIS relies on the Busto Arsizio Hospital transfusion centre for visits and donations.

You can email for information on how to become a donor in the section.

Those who are already Avis donors can contact us if they would like to join the university Avis group.


University turns into work, business and consultancy. Students have the opportunity to actually apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the classroom as early as during their undergraduate studies, thanks to a number of job opportunities in the business world. In particular, JEL is involved in providing consultancy services to a range of businesses in various fields, in the areas of finance, marketing, organisation, planning and control. Today there are 22,000 students across Europe who are members of Junior Enterprise, which started in France in 1967. Through ongoing classroom presence and faculty support, JEL ensures good quality work for companies that need advice.


Leos are the youth section of Lions Club International, the world’s premier nongovernmental service association, which has a presence in more than 200 countries. Leos, in cooperation with the sponsoring Lions Club, organise initiatives aimed at raising funds and carrying out activities and services to benefit the local, national and international communities.

Leo Club membership encourages members to develop the ability to work as a team to achieve humanitarian and social development goals. Leos are active at various levels to implement humanitarian and charitable initiatives and to encourage meetings and exchange of views and contacts both nationally and internationally.

The LIUC University Leo Club of Castellanza is the first University Leo Club in Italy. As a University Club, it is reserved for LIUC students or alumni.


The main objective of the LIUC Alumni Association is to create a lasting network of LIUC graduates, capable of strengthening relations with the University, bringing visibility and prestige to the University and, at the same time, fostering the development of relations with Italian business and associations, within a local, national and international context. Anyone with a LIUC degree (bachelor’s, doctorate, master’s, executive courses etc.) can join.


Welcome to the world of debate at LIUC University, where promoting discussion is at the heart of our mission. Our program is committed to cultivating a culture of active dialogue through exercises and debate simulations spanning a wide range of topics.

In addition, we stand out for our commitment to improving participants’ language skills. With meetings conducted in both English and Italian, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to enrich your vocabulary, acquire new expressions, and develop specialized language skills.

We offer our members the opportunity to participate in tournaments, both friendly and competitive, representing the LIUC University. This experience not only increases the visibility of our university but also allows participants to put the acquired skills into practice in a challenging and varied context.

In summary, LIUC DEBATE is committed to promoting the acquisition of transversal skills and personal growth through the art of debate and discussion. We are here to inspire and guide our members toward a future of success and achievement through the powerful platform of speech and reasoning.


The LIUC – Finance & Investment Club is the student group of LIUC – Cattaneo University which deals with finance-related topics. It is open to all students and its purpose is to periodically share content on financial topics (from investing to lending and from budgeting to saving and forecasting) through blog posts, articles and podcasts, with a focus on current news and trends. A valuable reference point for anyone interested in this world. A real opportunity for motivated, enterprising young people who are strongly oriented to study and to a future career in this field.


The LIUC MOOD student group aims to promote and involve students 360 ° in university life. The initiative aims to increase the sense of community by promoting relationships through the organisation of events, civic sense through voluntary activities, and fun with sports tournaments. We believe that it can be a point of reference and a real opportunity for motivated young people with the desire to get involved.


Rotaract is an association sponsored by Rotary International and dedicated to men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 with high potential and solid moral values. The purpose of Rotaract is to provide opportunities for young people to cultivate the knowledge and skills that will contribute to their personal development and address the material and social needs of their communities.

Rotaract La Malpensa, which operates in the Busto-Gallarate-Legnano area as well as in LIUC, has collaborated for several years with other student associations and the university in organising conferences such as those on women’s leadership and on environmental sustainability, as well as the usual stands on World AIDS Day and breast cancer prevention days.

The goals of the club are to:

  • develop professional and leadership skills, promote better relations among the peoples of the world through friendship and service;
  • promote respect for the rights of others by recognising the dignity and value of every individual and every person’s profession;
  • recognise the dignity and value of all occupations as opportunities to serve society.

What are you waiting for to get involved? Join Us!


What do the present and future look like for women in academia, business and society at large? Much can and must still be done in the area of gender policies in Italy, and that is why the students of LIUC – Cattaneo University have decided to make a small contribution to the cause. The Women Empowerment LIUC Club is a student association that works “to promote, incentivise and inform female LIUC students in their academic and professional career development through seminars, workshops and meetings with female professional role models”.

The initiative is intended to enhance the sense of community and enrich the uni experience of female students. This includes involving well-known highflyers – women who not only have interesting careers, with a focus on areas related to LIUC’s graduate programs, Economics and Engineering, but are also committed to supporting other women and spreading a culture of collaboration.

The group also aims to raise awareness on issues such as gender equality in the work environment, family-work balance, incentives for women’s presence in certain sectors and the gender gap.


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