2 year degree master

Economics and Management

2 year degree master

Economics and Management

The subjects of the LM-77 degree in economics and management offer advanced knowledge on corporate governance and the management of company processes and functions. The ability to accurately identify and define problems and solutions is acquired, as well as a grasp of management as a technical discipline that is applied in social contexts.

Active methodologies are used that make the student not only a participant in the teaching process, but also a protagonist in the learning process. This allows for the immediate exercise of specialist roles that are fundamental to both business management and the liberal professions.

Specialist courses

This is a limited-number orientation course (maximum 20 students, for highly interactive teaching), focusing on “ESG” (Environmental, Social and Governance) dynamics in the economic-business and legal area, for the courses Administration, Control and Liberal ProfessionsHuman resources management – HR & consultingMarketingInternational Business Management.

This is a specific opportunity to address the issues of governance, non-financial performance measurement and reporting (Accounting and Reporting), given the current context in which climate change, the health crisis, digital development and growing social awareness are increasingly influencing the way business is done.

An orientation course with a limited class number, for 20 Master’s degree students in Economics and Management or Industrial Engineering.

This is an orientation project focusing on the topic of the changing financial market in the light of digital technologies and the resulting effects on corporate finance.

The orientation stems from close cooperation with leading Italian banks and players in new fintech.

The PRO – Professional and personal skills development course prepares students to cope with the complexity and competitiveness of today’s world of work. It aims to provide the student with the practical, cognitive, meta-cognitive and social knowledge/skills/attitudes needed to build a solid and satisfying career path.

In particular, PRO is intended to develop the skills of:

  • learning how to learn and how to evaluate personal skills and competencies,
  • critical thinking and use of language, numbers and reasoning,
  • complex problem solving,
  • cultivating relationships through communication and teamwork,
  • adapting to change, effectively tolerating stressful situations.

Students in their first year of a Master’s degree programme (or in their third year of a Bachelor’s degree programme if they are LIUC students) may participate in the call for applications for the double diploma project (Double diploma – LIUC-Università Cattaneo) in order to undertake the second year of their Master’s degree programme abroad and obtain two academic qualifications.

Students in their first year of a Master’s degree programme may participate in the call for applications for mobility abroad (Study Experience or Internship outside Italy with LIUC-Università Cattaneo) in order to undertake a semester of study in one of LIUC’s partner universities around the world, with full academic recognition upon return.

Free courses/Workshops or Seminars/Electives

All students in the School of Economics and Management may freely access the courses listed below, while also having the possibility of additions, changes or cancellations in relation to teaching innovation opportunities that may arise during the year.

Chiara Mauri

School of Economics and Management

From studies at LIUC – Cattaneo University to a successful career, in Italy and worldwide.

Stories from life, telling of dreams and goals achieved, of obstacles to overcome and of new challenges.


Classes for the Master’s Degree program are supposed to be taken in-person. However, students are allowed to live stream the lectures (therefore without active participation) on MS Teams.

To Register for a master’s degree in Economics and Management an evaluation of your academic career path is required.

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