FABULA – Family Business Lab


FABULA – Family Business Lab

Who we are

FABULA is the LIUC – Cattaneo University lab dedicated to the study of family businesses.  FABULA has three distinctive elements:

  • focus on the role of new generations of family entrepreneurs in the family firm in determining strategies and results with regard to post-crisis restructuring, growth, innovation, internationalisation, opening up of capital, networking and open innovation, etc;
  • participatory working method, involving entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and institutions in identifying topics to be studied;
  • international dimension, thanks to collaboration with Italian and foreign universities.

FABULA team:

  • Federico Visconti, Valentina Lazzarotti and Salvatore Sciascia (Full Professors);
  • Andrea Urbinati and Rafaela Gjergji (Researchers);
  • Giovanna Afeltra, Barbara Maggi, Sofia Brunelli and Lorenzo Cervello (PhD students).

FABULA is a member of the international network European Family Business Centers (https://eufbc.org/centers/).


The Latin word, in Italian ‘favola’, with its meaning of ‘telling a tale’, is a characteristic methodological tool of the Lab. Technically, ‘fabula’ is ‘the chronological succession of events that make up the plot of a narrative text’: it evokes the passage of time and the succession of events involving different entrepreneurial generations, bringing with it the transmission of knowledge and know-how.

What do we do?

FABULA aims to:

  • deepen knowledge of the role of young family entrepreneurs through qualitative and quantitative research;
  • contribute to the dissemination of these issues through articles, publications, conferences, videos and webinars;
  • enrich the training LIUC offers in this area, supporting the Family Business Management pathway of the Business Administration degree;
  • collaborate with LIUC Business School – and in particular with the ‘Strategic Management and Family Business‘ Centre – on applied research assignments.

The ‘Father to Son’ Award is aimed at Italian entrepreneurs who have had the ability and dedication to continue and enhance the work of their parents by taking over the strategic leadership of their company, ensuring its success and continuity.

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