Green Transition Hub


Green Transition Hub

About us

The Green Transition Hub at LIUC is a competence center that brings together expertise and knowledge on ecological transition topics, targeting students and businesses to guide them towards Sustainability and Circular Economy goals, and to promote the culture of sustainability among stakeholders and the society. Our team consists of professors, researchers, and doctoral students who have developed skills and expertise in sustainable logistics and circular economy. The center also benefits from a dense network of relationships with experts, companies, and associations.

What do we focus on?

  • Sustainable innovation and new business models.
  • Sustainable industrial processes and measurement of sustainability performance.
  • Sustainable and circular supply chains: distribution networks, warehouses, packaging, transportation.
  • Reverse logistics, end of waste, industrial symbiosis.

What do we do?


Starting from the identification of “cutting-edge” topics, the Green Transition Hub develops applied research projects that generate scientifically and practically valuable results, involving companies, stakeholders, and citizens.

Education and training

The Green Transition Hub contributes to delivering content on sustainability and circular economy through specific courses within the degree programs at , organizing seminars and thematic workshops.

The Green Transition Hub collaborates with LIUC Business School in offering short and full courses, on Circular Economy, Green Logistics, and Green Supply Chain Management, to support companies in the cultural shift towards sustainability and ecological transition.

Short education programmes from LIUC Business School’s Course Catalog:

  • Sustainability in the supply chain
  • Circular Economy Management
  • Circular Economy for the Factory

University Education

The Green Transition Hub delivers courses on sustainability to students at LIUC – Università Cattaneo, to prepare the professionals of tomorrow who can actively contribute to the transition of companies towards new industrial paradigms.

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Path (SOS)

Sustainability Management Challenge- based Learning

Post-Diploma Education

The Green Transition Hub collaborates in the organization and delivery of courses related to Sustainable Logistics and Circular Economy with some Higher Technical Institutes (ITS), to develop expertise that meets the new needs of companies.

ITS-ASLAM, Higher Technical Program for Sustainable Logistics


The Green Transition Hub organizes dissemination events such as conferences, workshops, and webinars, collaborating with experts, national and international companies, associations, and stakeholders. It also participates in trade fairs and industry events, actively involving students as engaged participants.

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