Bachelor’s Degree Orientation

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Bachelor’s Degree Orientation

Over the years the LIUC Orientation Office has designed and developed its training offers to high school students.

The aim is to offer students an opportunity to have meaningful and formative experiences both on the university campus and at school, developing their transversal skills with a view to university choices.

LIUC acts as a partner for schools, providing professional expertise and learning spaces. Through practical learning experiences, students approach the disciplines studied at the University by interacting with LIUC lecturers on specific topics.

Admission criteria for the bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering

In order to enrol in the three-year degree course in Management Engineering, it is mandatory for all students to take the TOLC-I test provided by CISIA. The CISIA handles TOLC-I enrolments on behalf of around 50 universities. The LIUC admission test can be taken at one of the accredited university centres.


Admission criteria for the bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management

Admission to the Economics and Management course is subject to passing the admission test, compulsory for all students.

Places available

Bachelor in Engineering Management: 120 places available, 3 of which are reserved for foreign students.

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management: 450 places available;  90 are reserved for courses taught entirely in English: 60 for the ‘Business Economics’ course and 30 for the ‘Business Analytics for Management’ course.

Fees for Academic Year 2024/2025

Enrolment fees for Academic Year 2024/2025:

  • 7,500 euros for the degree course in Management Engineering (in Italian);
  • 9,700 euros for the degree course in Management Engineering (in English);
  • 7,900 euros for the Degree Course in Economics and Management (in Italian);
  • 8,900 euros for the ‘Business Economics’ and ‘Business Analytics for Management’ courses) of the Economics and Management degree course (in English).

In addition to the enrolment fee, there is a regional tax for University Studies of 140 euros, with stamp duty of 16 euros.

All amounts are subject to revision.

Enrolment is completed by submitting the required documents and paying the first instalment of the tuition fees.

Please consult the Student Secretariat for more information.

One of the driving principles of Cattaneo University is to reward merit. To this end, a comprehensive programme has been created, allocating benefits based on merit and/or income .

In the past academic year, scholarships and grants amounting to around 1,600,000 euros were disbursed as:

  • scholarships from regional and private funds;
  • fee exemptions and discounts;
  • merit and incentive awards;
  • canteen and accommodation subsidies;
  • international mobility grants;
  • extraordinary grants;
  • student collaborations for up to 150 paid hours.

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