Dissemination activities

Dissemination and Business School

Dissemination activities

Alongside the missions of education and research, the Third Mission encompasses a wide range of activities and initiatives with important productive, entrepreneurial, social and cultural spin-offs for the community and civil society.

LIUC has always been particularly active on the Third Mission front, in line with its mission as a university linked to the productive economy and with its DNA of strong roots in the local area. The activities are evolving in line with the University’s lines of development, as defined in the Strategic Plan.

Coordinated by the Rector’s Delegate for the Third Mission, activities are “diffuse” and organised according to a network system that includes both working units geared to technology transfer and local intermediation and units dedicated to public engagement.

LIUC’s Third Mission contributes to the socio-economic growth of the region and Italy as a whole – through actions to enhance research, technology transfer, knowledge dissemination and dialogue with stakeholders – and works to transcend boundaries between the University’s activities and the development of the area, according to principles of social, economic, educational and cultural sustainability and inclusiveness and with a special focus on young people, small and medium-sized enterprises and the community.

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