3 year degree bachelor

Economics and Management

3 year degree bachelor

Economics and Management

The L-18 three-year degree courses in economics and management at LIUC reflect the business world in one of Europe’s most dynamic and productive regions. The unique network of relationships that the university has built up with local companies has made it possible to build a curriculum and a learning process that facilitate entry into the world of work.

The bachelor’s degree in economics and management offers a solid preparation in the field of economics and business disciplines, covering all business functions and processes and fostering an interdisciplinary approach. This approach makes it easier for graduates to work in a variety of contexts and functions, providing them with the ability to interact between all the management areas in the company system.

The curriculum of the first and second year is the same for all courses.


First-year courses can be taken in English for those enrolled in the Business Economics course

  • Business Administration and Accounting
  • Informatics
  • Bookkeeping and Accounts
  • Macroeconomics
  • Mathematics for Economics, Finance and Management
  • Private and Public Law
  • English Language

Second-year courses can be taken in English for those enrolled in the Business Economics course

  • Statistics
  • Production and Logistics Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Organisation and Information Systems
  • Programming and Control
  • Financial System
  • Commercial Law
  • Marketing
  • Business Culture and Economic History
  • Second foreign language

The third-year academic course is completed with the choice of the special subject. Third-year courses can be taken in English for those enrolled in the Business Economics course

  • Economics and Business Management
  • Public Economy
  • Tax law or European Union law
  • Strategy and Corporate Policy
Specialist courses

From the third year onwards, you can customise your study route by choosing subjects from one of the following areas of interest:

The PRO – Professional and personal skills development course prepares students to cope with the complexity and competitiveness of today’s world of work. It aims to provide the student with the practical, cognitive, meta-cognitive and social knowledge/skills/attitudes needed to build a solid and satisfying career.

In particular, PRO is intended to develop the skills of:

  • learning to learn and to evaluate personal skills and competencies,
  • critical thinking and use of language, numbers and reasoning,
  • complex problem solving,
  • cultivating relationships through communication and teamwork,
  • adapting to change, coping effectively with stressful situations.

Students in their second year of a Bachelor’s degree programme may participate in the call for applications for mobility abroad (Study Experience or Internship outside Italy with LIUC-Università Cattaneo) in order to undertake a semester of study at one of LIUC’s partner universities around the world, with full academic recognition upon return.

From studies at LIUC – Cattaneo University to a successful career, in Italy and across the world.

Stories from life, telling of dreams and goals achieved, of obstacles to overcome and of new challenges.

Chiara Mauri

School of Economics and Management

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