Business Analytics and Data Science Hub


Business Analytics and Data Science Hub

Who we are

The Business Analytics and Data Science Hub aims to coordinate, update and complement LIUC’s research, teaching and third mission activities in the field of Business Analytics. The discipline, which rightly belongs to the STEM field, concerns all those managerial decision support processes based on rigorous data analysis and processing.

The Hub aims to become a point of reference for LIUC research, which is engaged in other fields, and which, today, needs external support for data analysis and the processing of quantitative models, in addition to independently developing its own research thanks to an experimental economics laboratory. With a view to the continuous updating of the curriculum, it will also provide support for the planning of relevant courses to train managers who are skilled in the reading and use of data to take their place alongside the ‘data scientists’ and numerical experts employed in successful companies. Finally, it will be able to offer a privileged interlocutor in third mission activities involving modern analytics tools.

The project, which is coordinated by Prof. Giovanni Paolo Crespi (Professor of Applied Mathematics), is also closely linked to a new professorship financed by BPER Banca, centred precisely on a Business Analytics project that will see the University and the Bank collaborate on the consolidation of skills and training in quantitative subjects, at the service of managerial profiles in step with the needs of Industry 4.0.

The BPER Chair was recently assigned to Alessandra Cillo, Associate Professor in Business Analytics, a researcher with an international profile, a PhD in Management Science from the prestigious INSEAD Business School and author of prestigious international publications in the field of experimental economics and Business Analytics applied to business management.

What we do

  • Coordination of the teaching offered within the Economics and Engineering courses, the PhD programme and the LIUC Business School courses.
  • Development of research and dissemination activities through scientific publications, participation in conferences and collaborations with other centres active within the university.
  • Third mission promotion of LIUC events and participation in external initiatives related to the dissemination of the ‘data culture’ in the area.
  • Networking with the involvement of other universities, for the development of new collaborative projects
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