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Lunch Talks – Generative AI: should we open or should we close?

Lunch Talks – Generative AI: should we open or should we close?

This original and interesting initiative was launched in 2022 by the Economics professors for LIUC students.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 16 May 2024, from 1.30pm to 2.45pm in room C110.

The idea is to provide a platform for professors, students and experts to jointly explore a selection of important issues faced by our society, while having a lunch break.

In this new episode of the informal meetings organized by professors Rodolfo Helg, Filippo Pavesi, Massimo Scotti and Andrea Venegoni, we will expand on a topic introduced last semester:

“Generative AI: should we open or should we close?” with the aid of Prof. Luca Mari, Full Professor of Electrical and Electronic Measurements at LIUC and expert in new technologies.

The topics covered in each talk are introduced and analysed from a conceptual point of view to better understand how economics and social sciences combined with engineering and technology can allow us to better comprehend and address the issues. Naturally, the solution to every problem requires creativity and imagination, qualities that distinguish LIUC students!

For this reason, Lunch Talks are intended as open and informal discussions, in which together we try to draw conclusions by putting together knowledge, intuition and energy.

For organizational purposes and to ensure that there are sandwiches, drinks, coffee and/or tea for everyone, we ask you to fill out the following form by Monday 13 May if you intend to participate:

Professor Luca Mari

Full Professor of Electrical and Electronic Measurements at the Cattaneo-LIUC University, where he teaches Analysis of Experimental Data and Statistics, Design for Dynamic Systems, and Digital Thinking. He carries out research and cultural dissemination activities regarding Measurement Science and its relationships with Information Sciences and Technologies.

Pubblicato il 6 Maggio 2024
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