On this site students may find basic information about the opportunities of language learning offered by LIUC to its students.
The attention paid to the learning of languages characterises the educational project of the University that has existed since its birth.
This means not only language courses, examinations and diplomas, but also an open mind with regard to international relations, communication, and cultural diversity.
In a panorama of activity and by encouraging attendance, internationalisation and individual growth, the Language Centre co-ordinates and promotes the educational learning offer regarding the subject of “language”, an indispensable tool with which to operate in the world, at a personnel and professional level.
In addition to English, to complete the picture, there is also Spanish, French and German, mandatory or optional depending on the School, more and more appreciated by the students as an opportunity to enrich a coherent and consolidated training trajectory.

Certifications administered in place and timetable

LIUC is an examination centre for Cambridge University and, with regard to the USA, ETS for a number of accredited Language certificates:

  • BEC (Business English Certificates) and ILEC (International Legal Certificate English) Cambridge ESOL
  • TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills)

These certifications, obligatory for the three-year and/or Master’s degrees, permit the allocation of a number of credits, depending on the School.

Note: Before taking the Cambridge or TOLES examinations there is a “mock” internal exam. The passing of this examination (based on the verification of the ability of understanding and interpretation of the texts referring to general topics) is required, but does not automatically permit enrollment onto the exam, which must be formalised within the set deadlines.
Enrollment is binding on the presence of the student in the classroom on the day of the exam. It is recommended to programme this in anticipation of graduation (see table below).

Tutoring services for English language

Since the academic year 2014/2015, in line with the directions issued by the School Councils, the Language Centre has made available a tutoring service, individual or in small groups (2/3 students max) for the students of LIUC.

The service is totally free, but does not replace the normal tutoring provided by the teachers, and is restricted, except in exceptional cases, to students attending institutional courses of English; it is not duplicate or substitute.

Students interested in the service may contact directly any of the teachers at the Language Centre in order to define their needs, clarify doubts, and establish times.


Michael Puglisi
English teachers
Anna de Angelis
Jane Everett
Andrew Hackworthy
Teacher of Spanish
Teresa Monso
Teacher of French
Sylvie jednak

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