Who we are

LIUC today and tomorrow

Who we are

LIUC today and tomorrow

LIUC is a dynamic, young university, with an international, student-friendly, know how-oriented approach to study. Close contact with businesses is one of its assets, enabling the University to keep constantly up to date and incorporate changes needed for the country’s socioeconomic development.

An educational offering that looks to the future

The courses of study (Business Administration and Management Engineering) are based on the real needs of businesses. Managers and entrepreneurs bring their experience to the classroom, giving students the opportunity to work on real business projects.

Innovative teaching to be tested in the field

Teaching at LIUC is based on an innovative, experiential method: the many initiatives include the i-FAB lab, a simulated factory where students learn to design lean production systems that minimise waste.

Consistent with the focus on the development of transversal skills, courses in the School of Management Engineering include three paths dedicated to sustainability, to the multidisciplinary integration between humanistic and scientific cultures and to the development of cognitive, meta-cognitive and social skills.

A course open to all students and called PRO – Professional and personal skills development – is also dedicated to this type of skills, offering a unique opportunity to prepare for the complexity and competitiveness of today’s world of work.

There is no shortage of opportunities for students to put themselves to the test through Laboratories co-designed and co-managed by the university and companies on topics that form an integral part of the curriculum.

The C.Lab is a project aimed at encouraging students to stimulate, collect, evaluate and select innovative ideas to be developed into start-ups through mentoring with ComoNExT, an incubator certified by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Everything is at your fingertips, with an eye to sustainability

The University’s small scale  means individual attention to every student, a good relationship between students and faculty and ensures that everyone has the same opportunities: periods of study abroad, internships and job placement. The Hall of Residence is also located directly on the campus and makes it possible to enjoy the LIUC experience in full.

The spaces are organised and managed with a focus on sustainability, a topic on which the entire LIUC community is stimulated through a range of initiatives.

LIUC to Job

One year after graduating with a master’s degree, 88.3% of graduates in Business Administration and 91.7% of Management Engineers find a first job (source Almalaurea 2020/21). The average waiting time for a job placement is also short, at about 3 months.

The Career Service Office has contacts with more than 6,500 companies internationally, from banks to consulting firms to major multinational corporations in every industry, and provides the opportunity for internships, both in Italy and abroad, to students of all study tracks.

Internalisation: in the world and at LIUC

Thanks to agreements with other universities in both the European Union and non-European countries, all students can have an experience abroad. In addition to the Erasmus and Exchange programmes, it is possible to choose a Double Degree or attend a Summer School. In addition, courses or entire tracks can be taken in English at LIUC.

We reward merit

LIUC rewards merit by deducting up to 50% of the tuition fee based on a student’s high school graduation grade (the benefit can also be maintained in subsequent years, based on credits and grades).Scholarships, merit awards and other benefits are also available.

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