At LIUC, the students becomes part of a community in which different actors – teachers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business persons – combine to create opportunities and build skills. In close proximity to recruiters, companies that are part of the network of the University and that offer scholarships and practical opportunities for internships and internationalisation of their studies, all of which guarantees a quality education for entry into the world of work. The students at LIUC are then inserted in a profitable way within a circle of ideas, relationships and innovation that will is reflected in their personal and professional life.

The University is focused on the students and their social relations, offering also other new activities that allow them to harness and develop leadership skills, team building and networking, all useful in addressing most of their energy in order to achieve the desired objectives.

STUDENTS  2,000 (Italian), over 40% involved in exchanges with foreign countries each year.

TEACHERS  Over 300; full, associate, researchers, contract. Very favourable ratio of staff / students.

RECRUITERS  5,700 companies and institutions with which the Career Service is in constant contact.

ALUMNI  Over 9,000 graduates.



The meeting point between study and work. Added value for students and companies.

The link with the business network is kept active thanks to the organisational structures of the University support. In addition to the many extra curricular activities that complement the education of the students with theatre, sports, web radio, student associations, there are also highly innovative and qualified pathways that allow them to actively take part in research projects commissioned by companies and their partners through the mentoring of teachers within the research centres.

The Career Service actively maintains daily contact with the Human Resource offices of companies and operates through in-depth cognitive interviews with students tin order to assess attitudes and propensities, therefore increasing the efficiency of the interview/selection meetings between companies and graduates.

The International office develops agreements with foreign universities in Europe and the other countries around the world, on the basis of which students may spend periods of study abroad. In many cases the stay also includes qualified curricular in foreign companies (internship). The external programmes, in addition to Erasmus, include a learning week at partner universities, summer/winter schools in China, the United States and other countries with company visits, graduation with a “Double title” with a year of study away from LIUC. The rate of participation in these courses is the highest in Italy and includes one degree out of every two.

Finally, the Library is an active tool; not just a book depository, with its staff assisting internal and external public searching for scientific articles, documents and access to available databases.


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Dr. Giorgio Beretta, Ph.D. of the Ph.D. Program in Management, Finance and Law for Business (Cycle XXXI) at LIUC
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Giorgio Beretta, PhD Candidate of the PhD Program in Management, Finance and Law for Business (Cycle XXXI) at LIUC
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