A new international study experience at LIUC

A new international study experience at LIUC

Now, there is a new way of undertaking an international study experience, an opportunity to get a taste of internationalisation, even for students who cannot afford a semester abroad.

It is called the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP), a new programme that brings together groups of undergraduate students and lecturers, from at least three universities and from as many different European countries, to make up multi-cultural classes. The timetable includes 18 hours of online classes (starting on Wednesday 1 March 2023) and one week of ‘in presence’ lessons.

LIUC will be the host, from 2 to 6 May 2023, to the physical mobility of Finnish, Belgian and German students, who will join 4 LIUC students selected from the School of Economics & Management. Lessons and visits to companies will be included, from within the “Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management” programme, organised by Prof. Chiara Mauri.

A ‘first’ for LIUC, which welcomes the European Union’s invitation to develop Erasmus+ BIP programmes aimed at promoting and facilitating inclusion, one of the keywords characterising the seven-year period of ‘Erasmus 2021-27’.

Pubblicato il 2 Maggio 2023
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