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A new publication on environmental reporting in family business

A new publication on environmental reporting in family business

The scholars of FABULA have published a new study on the topic of environmental reporting of family businesses. The paper is titled ” Family firm status and environmental disclosure: “The moderating effect of board gender diversity”  and has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility.

The research conducted by Barbara Maggi (Research Fellow at FABULA), Rafaela Gjergji (PwC Assistant Professor of Family Business and Research Fellow at FABULA), Luigi Vena (Associate Professor of Finance), Salvatore Sciascia (Full Professor of Business Administration and co-director of FABULA), and Alessandro Cortesi (Full Professor of Accounting), reveals that family firms provide higher levels of disclosure on environmental practices than non-family firms only when there is a significant presence of women in the board of directors.

Earlier versions of the paper were presented at international conferences and received two recognitions: an honorable mention at the EURAM 2023 Conference, and the 2ndBest Paper Contribution to Practice” at the IFERA 2023 Conference.

Pubblicato il 14 Novembre 2023
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