Blended Intensive Programme: second edition at LIUC

Blended Intensive Programme: second edition at LIUC

After last year’s success, LIUC is once again proposing the formula of the Blended Intensive Program in 2024, a short Erasmus program which aims to allow the greatest number of students to come into contact with foreign colleagues and teachers through a course of lessons online and in person.

From 6 to 10 May 2024, young people from Finland, Belgium and Germany will participate in the in-person part of the “Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management” course, curated by Professor Chiara Mauri.

There will be 35 students present, 10 of whom are LIUC students who, in addition to the lessons, are planning a company visit to Lavazza and cultural moments with guided tours of Milan and Turin, always accompanied by 4 teachers from their universities of origin.

With the short Erasmus formula, LIUC welcomes the European Union’s invitation to develop the BIP Erasmus+ programs to promote and facilitate inclusion, one of the key words that characterize the seven-year period Erasmus 2021-27.

Pubblicato il 6 Maggio 2024
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