The Blended Intensive Programme: first edition at LIUC

The Blended Intensive Programme: first edition at LIUC

Not only how a chocolate is made at Ferrero or what is the history of a village bearing the name Fontanafredda, but also what is meant by a system of activities for welcoming, supporting, educating and training for work for children and young people in difficult situations such as that of Cometa, in Como.

The new international study experience at LIUC passed by here, getting to know the realities of a company; a group of students and professors who were taking part in the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP), a short Erasmus programme that aims to enable as many students as possible to come into contact with foreign colleagues and teachers via a course with online and in-person lessons: 50% online and 50% in-person, in a continuous multicultural exchange.

BIP Erasmus+ programmes are aimed at promoting and facilitating Inclusion’, one of the keywords of the seven-year period of Erasmus 2021-27.

Although it was the very first time, the experience was a perfect success at LIUC where, from 2 to 6 May 2023, young people from Finland, Belgium and Germany took part in the in-presence part of the course entitled ‘Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management‘, organised by Professor Chiara Mauri.

Chiara Mauri comments: “It was an exciting and high-quality experience for the 37 students and the 5 professors involved. The lectures, company visits, and project presentations allowed them to understand the theories, apply them, and live the customer experience first-hand. The final works presented in Cometa were excellent and gave us ‘teachers’ the most satisfaction: the international dimension added a tangible and significant value“.

Also very satisfied were the 4 Master’s degree students in Business Economics and Management from LIUC who, having applied, were selected for the BIP. A rare, beautiful opportunity to feel truly international and to broaden perspectives.


To be repeated!

Pubblicato il 8 Maggio 2023
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